Bristol Going for Gold has been a city-wide, collaborative initiative to involve the whole city in an ambition to see Bristiol achieve Gold Sustainable Food City status. In 2021, Bristol has achieved that goal and become only the second city in the UK to win Gold. This is an important and exciting step in a decade of change that will bring people and organisations together to make Bristol’s food system better – better for our people, better for our city, and better for the planet. Read on to find out what the bid for gold has been about.

Bristol: a Sustainable Food City

In 2016, Bristol became only the second city to receive a Silver Sustainable Food Cities award, and in 2021 the city’s incredible good food movement has been recognised with a Gold Sustainable Food Cities award. Both awards were granted by Sustainable Food Places – a national partnership that supports and celebrates places making positive changes to their food systems and culture, helping them to share good practice and explore solutions to common challenges.

Gold and the road to 2030

As a city, we have a golden opportunity: in achieving our ambition to become a Gold Sustainable Food City, we have opened the door on a decade of change. The award has placed food firmly on the agenda as we rebuild a more resilient city in the wake of the pandemic, and lays the foundations for a decade of building a diverse, inclusive and resilient food community that can make real change by 2030.

How does a city apply for a Sustainable Food Cities award?

For the Bronze and Silver awards, a city needs to submit evidence of progress on six key food-related themes. To achieve Gold, in addition to providing further evidence on these six themes, Bristol had to demonstrate ‘excellence’ in two areas: Reducing Food Waste and Building a Good Food Movement. You can read the full sumbission and summary documents that were presented to Sustainable Food Places here.

Why food is central to our recovery?

It’s easy to take food for granted when, if we’re lucky, it’s never further away from us than a trip to the shops. But behind the scenes, food is deeply connected to the things that will drive our recovery from the pandemic. A true recovery—one where we come back to a world better and more resilient than the one we left when COVID-19 hit—is about so much more than eradicating the virus. Click the link below to find out how food connects to every dimension of the recovery.

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Who is behind the bid?

Bristol Food Network, Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol City Council and Resource Futures coordinated the bid, and the achievement would not have been possible without delivery partners Feeding Bristol, Bristol Food Producers, Incredible Edible Bristol and Grow Wilder (part of Avon Wildlife Trust). There are also several generous partners, sponsors and supporters (click below to find out who they are). However, achieving Gold has only beeen possible with the support, hard work and contributions of a multitude of organisations, businesses, and individuals across Bristol; Bristol Going for Gold has been a truly city-wide effort, kickstarting a decade of transformation through food to 2030.

The Bristol Going for Gold ambition is aligned with Bristol’s One City Plan.

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