In our latest blog post, Mark Breen from the UK-wide coalition of over 60 civil society organisations, Eating Better, describes how the organisation has focused on actions that enable people to eat less and better meat and dairy. Eating Better is an alliance of 60 organisations who are passionate about health, environment, farming, animal welfare and social justice. Organisations include Sustain, Friends of the Earth, Compassion in World Farming, WWF and the Pasture-fed Livestock Association.

Rich Osborn founded fresh-range in Bristol in 2014. Fresh-range delivers fresher produce, sourced with care to homes, businesses, schools and universities six days a week. They are a Going for Gold Programme Supporter, and in the blog post below Rich explains why Buying Better is so important, and the changes we can all make.

What does buying better meat and dairy actually mean? Tim Martin of Farm Wilder explains his version of better meat – better for wildlife, better for the planet and it seems, better for us. By choosing more meat-free meals, you might wish to spend a little more on the meat you do by.