GENeco is a Bristol based company who specialise in recycling food waste and is one of the Going for Gold sponsors. Bioresources Adviser Heidi Rose shares what she loves about working there and how they are striving for a greener Bristol.

Since 1 April 2019, Daisy, Harry and their cat Bees have been participating in the Bristol #WasteNothing Challenge. Supported by Bristol Waste Company, the challenge involves 50 Bristol households reducing the amount of waste they generate over a year, working towards the ultimate goal of producing zero waste.

Livvy Drake (Sustainable Sidekicks) is a Sustainability and Behaviour Change Consultant based in Bristol, focused on waste reduction. Working in catering and events she has experienced the wastefulness of the hospitality industry first-hand. In the blog post below she shares details of a food waste pilot project she conducted for Bristol Food Network.