Here you’ll find all of the resources from the Bristol Bites Back Better campaign in one place, free to download and use. We’ve put together useful tools and fun activities, for Shopping and Eating, Growing and Food Waste, to help you get the most out of food at home and in the community, and make being part of a resilient food future for Bristol even easier.

Shopping and Eating

Seasonal Eating Guide (pdf) – these charts let you see what’s in season in Britain throughout the year. Seasonal food, especially if it’s been bought from a local shop or market should be really fresh and therefore packed with nutrition. It’s also a way of supporting local farmers. 

Nutrients in Different Foods (pdf) – make sure you’re getting all you need from your food








Meal Planner (pdf) – organise your cooking and shopping to help make the most of all the food you buy.

Ingredient Swapper (pdf) – redesign a dish. If your recipe calls for an ingredient that’s not in season (and therefore will likely have come from far away), what ingredient could you use in its place, as a local, seasonal alternative? 

How to Eat Well (pdf) – a guide from Public Health

A New Meal A Week Planner (pdf) – mix up your eating by trying a new dish every week. Head to our HOW section to find lots of recipe inspiration.







Plot Your Shop (pdf) – look at the labels of the food you’ve bought this week and locate the Country of Origin information, then mark it on the map. 



What, When and Where Can I Sow It (pdf) – a guide to when to sow seeds across the year.

Monthly Planting Planner (pdf) – a handy template from My Frugal Home

Square Foot Planting Guide (pdf)– a template to plan how many plants you can get in per square foot, also from My Frugal Home.

Garden Plan Worksheet (pdf) – finally, use this guide to plan what’s going to go where, also from My Frugal Home!

Food Waste

House-Share Food-Share Food Waste Fixer (pdf) – an easy guide to use with your flatmates so that nothing in your fridge is wasted.

Food Waste Tracker (pdf) – recording what you buy and don’t end up eating will help you save money and have fewer leftovers. 

Compleating (pdf) – use up every last bit of that vegetable!


Grow the Movement

Write a letter – One of the best actions you can take to call for change is to write a letter expressing your concerns, posing your questions or calling for action. This could be to your local MP (you can find out who this is here) or it could be to a supermarket, a local shop, a particular producer, your head teacher, the Mayor – anyone you think needs to hear or provide answers. Use our template to show your part of the #BiteBackBetter movement. Of course, you can always send an email too.

Whole Packs

We’ve put together all the information from each section in single handy documents!

You can download and browse on your desktop or print it off, share it with your household and read it in your own time.

Support Local Pack (pdf)

Fight Food Waste Pack (pdf)

Cook and Eat for Health Pack (pdf)

Grow for Wellbeing (pdf)