We’ve put together a few useful tools to help you look at how to make the most of any leftovers you have (it’s not waste – it’s just something you haven’t used yet) and get the most out everything you grow, buy and cook.

House-Share Food-Share Food Waste Fixer (pdf) – an easy guide to use with your flatmates so that nothing in your fridge is wasted.

Food Waste Tracker (pdf) – recording what you buy and don’t end up eating will help you save money and have fewer leftovers. 

Meal Planner (pdf) – organise your cooking and shopping to help make the most of all the food you buy.

Compleating (pdf) – use up every last bit of that vegetable!


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations have produced this short film about how much food is wasted around the world each year.

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