There are recipes for pretty much everything on the internet (see our HOW section for a small selection), so choose nutritious ingredients that you enjoy, and you’ll be able to find a recipe that suits your tastebuds. It’s also interesting to ask family, friends and neighbours what their favourite recipes are, to get the most out everything you cook.

Find out more about:
Seasonal Eating (pdf)

How to Eat Well (pdf) – a guide from Public Health

Meal Planner (pdf) – mix up your eating by trying a new dish every week. Head to our HOW section to find lots of recipe inspiration.

Nutrients in Different Foods (pdf) – make sure you’re getting all you need from your food

Watch these short films, focusing on why eating healthy food is important right now, for our physical and mental health.

Cooking From Scratch, with Claudia from Coexist Community Kitchen, Bristol.
Made by Bristol Food Network for Bristol Bites Back Better.

Better Health – Let’s do this
Why being in good shape is important for health – it doesn’t matter where you start, the important thing is making those healthy changes. From

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