Join the Conversation
Be part of the movement by helping us co-create a food future for Bristol. We want everyone in Bristol to have a chance to feed in to the plan for transforming food in Bristol for the better. Have your say here.

Volunteer with a community food project
There are lots of organisations across the city working with volunteers. Good places to look are Can Do Bristol and Voscur, or click this link for a web search using Ecosia, a web browser that plants trees for each search. 

Become an ambassador for Bristol Bites Back Better
et in touch with to find out more. 

Use the #BiteBackBetter hashtag to share your actions and use social media to help build the movement online. 

Keep learning
Look out for our competitions, webinars and more to keep learning and help build the movement 

Become a Veg Advocate for The Food Foundation. 

Under 18?
Become a Youth Ambassador for Children’s Right 2 Food

So you’ve got a good idea how to make it happen.
Have a look at some practical ACTIVITIES you can read online or print out, so you can put these changes into practice at home.

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