Fight Food Waste

Did you know that 20,000 tonnes of food waste is thrown into Bristol’s black bins every year? 

Of that, almost three quarters is completely avoidable food waste. Throwing less food away (by buying less and making sure you eat what you buy) could save your household over £700 a year, and also means you’re being kinder to the planet.

During the initial period of national lockdown (March to June 2020), the UK threw away a third less food than previously. Happily, this is following a trend – we’ve been throwing away less and less over the last five years.

With everyone – households, businesses, hospitals, schools etc – continuing to make these changes together, we can create a city that really values food and respects the work of those who produce it.


Find out why it’s so important to reduce the amount of food we waste.

Discover all the ways you can reduce food waste for your household and the planet.

Ideas and resources for you to download and use at home to make it easy to reduce food waste.

See what sustainable food events are coming up in Bristol and get in touch if you would like to share your food event.

Want to do more to reduce food waste? Find out how.

Download the whole Food Waste section, in a single easy-to-print document.

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