Buy local, seasonal and organic

Buying local produce when it’s in season for the UK, not only means choosing produce that tends to be fresher and tastier, but it boosts the local economy too, and when that produce has been grown responsibly it can mean that more of our local surroundings can be used for nature-friendly farming. Local food also means fewer food miles and lower carbon emissions in transporting food from field to plate.

Bristol offers a wide variety of ways to buy locally, such as veg box schemes (which also sell fruit when it’s in season), local farmers’ markets, independent grocery shops and delivery services that connect shoppers with local farmers. Your local greengrocer may also stock local produce—ask them for advice on what’s local and in season. You can also choose restaurants that use local and sustainable food.

If you would like to take part in the growing bit, shared harvest schemes offer low or no cost access to locally grown produce in return for time volunteered on the land.

Buying organically-certified fruit & veg gives you peace of mind that crops have been grown to an agreed set of standards based around health, ecology, fairness and care for current and future generations. In the UK, the Soil Assocation (based in Bristol) is one of our largest certifiers, but you can also look out for other approved marques – see the resources section.

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