Eat more meat-free meals

One of the best ways we can all improve our diet whilst helping the planet is by making sure we have a good balance between meals made from plants (vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains) and meals containing meat.

More than a quarter of Britons are already reducing the amount of meat they eat. While many feel that some restaurants are being too slow to reflect this in their menus, Bristol is a great place to find meals with less meat. We can all help shape the offer when we eat out by choosing vegetarian options more often, and asking for more plant-based dishes to be made available.

Whether eating out or at home, you can join millions of people in challenging yourself to Meat Free Mondays, or even try a whole week without meat to discover new ways of enjoying plant-based food.

Exploring new ingredients can make avoiding meat easier, more nutritious and delicious. For instance, there’s a huge variety of delicious pulses—red kidney beans, fava beans, yellow split peas, and lentils of every colour—that are a mainstay of healthy plant-based cooking.

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