Eat more veg

Eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables is a fantastic way to boost your physical and mental health, but knowing just how much we should be eating can be confusing and off-putting.

Advice will vary from the well-known ‘five-a-day’ to as many ten portions of fruit and vegetables each day, and portion sizes are endlessly discussed (typically agreed to be 80g fresh/frozen/canned fruit/veg or pulses; 150mls freshly made smoothie or juice; 30g dried fruit/veg, but potatoes don’t count). But while these debates rage on, the basic message for most of us is this: more fruit and veg is good.

If you think you could be getting more fruit and veg in your diet, why not take the challenge? Visit your local veg shops and markets, or sign up for a regular fruit and veg box delivery. Boxes, and extras, come in a range of sizes to suit every household and can be weekly/fortnightly or monthly.

Online resources, such as those in the resource section, have lots of helpful tips and ideas if you need a bit of advice on how to get more veg into your meals, even if you or someone in your family is a bit veg shy!

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