Galvanise activity to address concerns in your area

What food-related issues are there in your neighbourhood? There are things that could be improved in every community to change food culture for the better, and in many cases it takes just a few individuals to spark the change.

Maybe you don’t have a local green grocer within walking distance, or as a parent or carer you are unhappy with the quality of your child’s school meals; perhaps your local shops use too much packaging, or there is a redundant space near your home that could be used for community growing.

Tackling these sorts of issues might begin with gathering the support of your neighbours, or working with local organisations. Maybe you are already part of a local network that could make something inspirational happen in the place you live.

Even acting alone, you can make a difference. You could ask your local shop or café to stock or use something from a local producer, or encourage the community centre to become a drop-off point for a local veg box or wholefood delivery scheme.

These small changes can make a big difference to the lives of everyone in your community, and provide an example for others to follow.

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