Learn a new cook-from-scratch meal, and share it

It doesn’t have to be Masterchef—cooking from scratch can be simple or complex, speedy or relaxed, from a recipe or from your own imagination. Whether you regularly cook from scratch or have never tried it before, you can still take on this challenge in a way that suits you.

If you’re just starting out, finding a simple recipe online or in a cookbook is a good way to find a meal with step by step guidance on choosing ingredients, preparation and cooking. Start with just one simple meal at a time.

Even seasoned cooks can take on a new recipe challenge. You might see if you can cook a meal where all the main ingredients are low-packaged, UK-grown, or both.

There are lots of resources available to help you develop your cookery skills. For new cooks, basic cookery courses are a fun way to learn with others in a similar position, whilst specialist courses can help even the most experienced home cook develop new techniques. Recipe and cookery apps, available online or on your smart phone, are getting better and better at helping you find just the right recipe to suit your ingredients and your expertise.

However you learn, cooking and eating together is the simplest way to put good food centre stage—you could even challenge the whole household to share a new meal together every week!

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