New to growing? Start small by growing one thing

Tomato and chilli plants are readily available to buy and simple to care for. Transfer the tomato plant to a new, bigger pot with fresh compost, and put it by your front door where you can’t ignore it. The chilli plant will also need a bigger pot, but will prefer being kept on a sunny windowsill.

Certain fruit plants will grow well in pots, too. Try a blueberry (they love acidic compost) or create a whole tower of strawberry plants—your local garden centre will sell planters designed for just this. Or if you’re a keen cook, give yourself a continuous supply of herbs by buying a supermarket pot and splitting it up to make several new plants. There’s no need to worry if you are short of space. Tomatoes, strawberries and herbs all grow well in hanging baskets or window boxes.

Decorative gardens can be bountiful places for home grown produce, too. Why not add some beautiful edibles to the borders? For example, Ruby Chard is a worthy, not to mention delicious, addition to any flower bed.

Don’t forget that you don’t need any expensive equipment to grow something tasty. An empty jam jar and some seeds are all you need to grow salad sprouts.

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