Plan ahead

The average Bristol household wastes £60 worth of food a month—this starts with what we buy. Shop smart to waste less food, and money!

Before you head to the shops, check your fridge, freezer and store cupboard and write a shopping list, so that you don’t buy too much or duplicate what you already have. Planning just a few of your weekly meals in advance can save not only food waste, but time and money too. Remember to check dates on items as you shop, and avoid special offers on perishable goods unless you can be sure you will use them up in time.

By working out what you waste, you can reduce what you spend on your food shopping by only buying what you need. Invest the money you save in upgrading the quality of the products you buy and choose those that are best for you, the environment, the animal and the grower; and only buy as much as you need!

It’s easy to leave the supermarket with more items than we intended to buy. Be aware of supermarket tricks that get you to stay longer and buy more—layout, signage and smells are just a few. Always shop on a full stomach—you’re less likely to feel tempted by treats. Be quick and efficient—after 40 minutes spent shopping you’re more likely to make impulse buys.

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