Say no to disposable cups

Buying our morning brew in a disposable cup may seem a small and harmless act, but in the UK alone 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year, enough to stretch around the world more than five times. Only a tiny fraction is recycled.

Even cups that claim to be fully compostable usually require specialist composting facilities to properly break down, and can’t be thrown away with general waste or recycling. These facilities are not widely available in Bristol.

So say no to disposable cups, and buy a reusuable coffee cup, remembering to take it with you wherever you go. They’re available for all budgets and in all shapes, materials and sizes (even space-saving collapsible cups). Many cafés in Bristol offer a discount when you bring your own cup, or charge a levy when you don’t, so you’ll save each time you buy a drink too. Boston Tea Party has even stopped serving in disposable cups—they offer a reusable cup deposit scheme or invite you to bring your own.

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