Share your cooking and growing skills

Learning to cook and grow food in a fun and supportive environment can have a huge influence on people’s relationship to food, so if you have any cooking or growing skills you could make a positive difference to people’s quality of life.

Perhaps you know how to make cordials, one-pot meals, healthy options for children’s lunchboxes, or kimchi; or have just the knack to grow delicious carrots; or maybe you can identify edibles to forage on a nature walk. Whatever your skill set, sharing your knowledge with others in the community is one of the best ways to inspire people.

Teaching others doesn’t need to involve straying too far from home. Get together with friends or relatives to cook and eat your favourite family recipes. Teach your children how to make the dishes from your childhood. If you have a garden or allotment, host a learning afternoon and invite interested people to learn new skills.

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