Support community food projects

There are community food projects all across the city. Choosing to spend your money with them provides essential support, allowing them to flourish and continue to offer their services to those that need them most.

You might choose to grab lunch in your local community café. They provide a valuable resource in communities as a place to meet other people, eat reasonably priced food and, in some cases, learn new skills at workshops.

Visiting a city farm is the ideal family day out, and also a good way to reconnect with food and learn how it’s produced.  City farms often provide activities and work placements for people with health and social care needs, so supporting them has even greater benefits to the community.

Buying from a community-owned shop is another good way to show your support for the local community. At a time when high streets are dominated by national chains, independent community shops help improve the resilience of vulnerable places, ensuring that essentials are available to local people and that the money spent locally benefits the people who live nearby.

If you live in an area that would benefit from a community food project, see the resources section to find out more about how to set one up.


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