Takeaway, don’t throw away

Although most eateries will sell food to take away in disposable containers, more and more are willing to fill clean, reusable containers brought in by their customers. Ask the question the next time you grab a take away and see what they have to say.

Some eateries actively encourage their customers to bring their own containers—Thali Café even has a reusable tiffin scheme and The Vegetable Diva are packaging-free.  Wriggle have produced a sustainable Bristol lunchbox, made of bamboo, and refillable at participating independent eateries across the city.

If the eatery isn’t able to fill your own containers, try to reuse those you can and recycle the rest. Remember that many compostable containers can’t be recycled and won’t compost in landfill. They need to be sent to specialist composting facilities, which aren’t widely available in Bristol. Check the packaging to find out what it’s made of and search online for details.

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