Food Equality

The coronavirus pandemic has already led to unforeseen challenges for our city’s food system, and unimagined resourcefulness from communities and organisations across Bristol. Although the bid to make Bristol a Gold Sustainable Food City has been paused as the city focusses on responding to the pandemic, the need for a resilient food community has never been greater. 

The response in Bristol to making sure no one goes unfed has been nothing short of miraculous. There are so many inspiring stories from the actions of individualsthe hospitality sector and the newly formed Bristol Food Union. The Bristol Food Network’s Good Food Response has information regarding both getting and giving help. You can also continue to support food equality globally by choosing Fair Trade where possible.  

How you can be part of Bristol’s Good Food Response to the coronavirus pandemic: 

  • Visit Bristol Food Network– the website has information and resources on Bristol’s Good Food response, and how you can support it or find help. 
  • Take part in #BristolFoodKind – follow the hashtag to get practical ideas on how to shop, reduce food waste and grow food at home in a way that is considerate to yourself and the wider community. Post your own your ideas and tips using #BristolFoodKind to inspire others .
  • Tell us your stories and follow them on the Going for Gold blog. 
  • You can still sign up to Going for Gold and continue logging actions – see each of the actions below for inspiration. 


What if everyone in Bristol had reliable access to nutritious and affordable food?

This is what we mean when we ask for food equality. When this balance isn’t achieved, part of the population will experience food insecurity, meaning they are unable to count on a reliable source to buy and prepare Good Food, and therefore may go hungry. It is estimated that almost 43,000 people in Bristol have limited or uncertain access to food.

Food insecurity affects all kinds of people and neighbourhoods. If you are experiencing food insecurity or know of someone who is then there are number of organisations in the city that can help.

Food equality also means that the people growing and producing our food are getting paid a fair price for it. Whether we’re buying milk from a dairy just outside of Bristol, or tea that has been shipped half way across the world, the food that we choose to buy impacts real lives and communities.

Policy makers and organisations across the city are working together to address the causes of food insecurity, but each one of us can take action to help bring food equality to Bristol. Click the links below to discover what you can do, and earn a badge for each action you take. Share your activity and your own ideas on social media: post or tweet using the hashtags #goingforgoldbristol and #G4Gfoodequality. Don’t forget to update your actions in your dashboard as you make progress.

Actions you can take as an Individual