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Resources for food businesses

  1. Food waste recycling and packaging: what you can do and why you need to.
  2. Certification and awards: some ideas about how to demonstrate your commitment to health, well-being and the environment.
  3. Good for people and planet: sustainability and health.
  4. Organisations and articles: interesting websites, blogs and articles.
  5. Talking about sustainability: tips on how to talk to customers and staff about tricky issues like sustainability.
  6. Interesting webinars and events

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Gaining awards and certifications are a good way of showing your customers what kind of business you are, and of holding yourselves to account regarding the things that matter to you. They’re also a gateway into collaborations and partnerships with like-minded organisations and put you in a network with people who share your values.

Bristol Eating Better Award
Bristol’s very own accreditation scheme. Free to enter via an online form. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are given, depending on how far your business goes in its commitment to healthy eating and looking after the environment.

Food for Life Served Here Award
Applicable in many hospitality settings, this award rewards caterers for using locally sourced and ethical ingredients, that support our local economy and protect the environment for the future.

Green Kitchen Standard
The Soil Association’s award, mostly aimed at caterers, awarding positive steps made to sustainably manage energy, water and waste.

Organic Served Here Award
Gain from one to five stars, depending on how many organic products you use in your food and drink offering.

SRA Food Made Good Award
Food Made Good is an award open to its membership community, driven by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and dedicated to making every meal served out of home as sustainable as possible.

Sugar Smart UK
Nationwide campaign and award scheme aiming to help people cut sugar consumption. You can get this award at the same time as a Bristol Eating Better award.

UN Chefs’ Manifesto
This isn’t an award as such, but involvement shows your commitment to an on-going conversation about sustainability in the food sector.

We’re Good to Go
Visit Britain’s new industry standard and consumer mark, reassurance to local residents and visitors that clear processes are in place and that as a business you are good to go.

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