Organisations and articles

Resources for food businesses

  1. Food waste recycling and packaging: what you can do and why you need to.
  2. Certification and awards: some ideas about how to demonstrate your commitment to health, well-being and the environment.
  3. Good for people and planet: sustainability and health.
  4. Organisations and articles: interesting websites, blogs and articles.
  5. Talking about sustainability: tips on how to talk to customers and staff about tricky issues like sustainability.
  6. Interesting webinars and events

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Useful websites with lots of resources

Local champions


Good newsletters

There are some helpful newsletters that focus specifically on food retail and hospitality, with up to the minute news, changes in legislation, opinion pieces and more.

  • HUBBUB – spearheaders of imaginative nation-wide campaigns, such as #LeedsByExample, encouraging people to thrown their coffee cups into special bins for recycling.
  • Foodservice Footprint – the most specific to hospitality and supply chain issues.
  • edie – a good all round update of sustainability topics related to business and industry.

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