What is Going for Gold?

‘Going for Gold’ is Bristol’s ambition to become a Gold Sustainable Food City and make positive changes to our city’s food system.

In 2016, based on evidence from over 120 organisations, Bristol became only the second city to be awarded a Silver Sustainable Food Cities Award. Three cities now have Silver, none has Gold… yet.

For more detail on Going for Gold, download this briefing.

What is Sustainable Food Cities?

The Sustainable Food Cities Network is a collaboration between the Soil Association, Sustain and Food Matters. They support and celebrate cities that are making positive changes to their food systems and culture, helping them to share good practice and explore solutions to common challenges.

Why is a Gold Award good for Bristol?

A Gold Award would recognise a collective effort to change food for good in our city. It would celebrate an altogether stronger food system; one that promotes health for our citizens, protects our soils, helps wildlife to flourish, gives workers a fair livelihood, minimises greenhouse gas emissions, and allows local communities and businesses to thrive. As a Silver Sustainable Food City, Bristol’s work towards Good Food became more visible. Pushing for Gold will create the momentum for deeper change on issues that affect us all.

How does a city apply for an award?

For the Bronze and Silver awards, a city needs to submit evidence of progress on six key food-related themes. To achieve Gold, in addition to providing evidence on these six themes, Bristol will also need to demonstrate ‘excellence’ in two areas, which it has chosen as Food Waste and Catering & Procurement. Get in touch if you would like to know more about Bristol’s plans in these two areas, and how you can be involved.

Who is behind the bid?

Bristol Food Network, Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol City Council are coordinating the bid, and there are also several generous partners, sponsors and supporters (click below to find out who they are). However, achieving Gold will only be possible with the help and contributions of a multitude of organisations, businesses, and individuals across Bristol; Going for Gold will be a truly city-wide effort.

The Going for Gold ambition is aligned with Bristol’s One City Plan.

Partners and sponsors

Going for Gold toolkit

You’ll find everything you need to talk about Going for Gold to your staff, customers and other stakeholders in the Going for Gold toolkit for organisations. It includes logos, e-footer and social media graphics, social media messages, key messages and text to use on your own website to show your support for Going for Gold. You’ll also find guidelines for using the Going for Gold logo.

If you’re thinking about joining the Going for Gold bid, we’d love to hear from you to discuss how you can best engage your staff and stakeholders.

Going for Gold toolkit for organisations