Join the #BiteBackBetter Conversation

By setting the wheels in motion now, together we can transform the future of food in our city, building in resilience over the next decade. So, what change do you want see happen that will transform food in Bristol by 2030? Do you already have an idea for how Bristol can make this happen?

Bristol is on the road to becoming a Gold Sustainable Food City. But what next? By 2030, what should food in Bristol—and the way we grow, buy, cook and eat it—look like?

We know Bristol can be a truly sustainable food city. A place where all its citizens are nourished by fresh, local food; where the food workforce from field to fork are paid and treated fairly; where everyone in every community can access the skills they need to grow and cook the food that’s right for them; and where a vibrant and diverse food culture thrives. It’s up to us – the people living, working and eating in Bristol every day – to decide how this vision will happen. This is your chance to have your say, and join the #BiteBackBetter conversation…

What will you do with my ideas?

In the first instance, some of the ideas submitted here will be shared through our website, social channels, blogs and more. In the longer term, the ideas collected here will be used to inform a vision for food in Bristol by 2030 and to make a Good Food Plan to get us there.




When we asked you what activity you would be inspired to get involved with in your community, lots of you suggested communal meals and food sharing. We couldn’t agree more about how important this is, never more so than now when we are so cut off from one another.

So we are taking your suggestion to heart and inviting you to join people across the city at our online community feasts!

We’ll meet on the Zoom link that you will find below*. Come alone, come in pairs, bring the kids or put them to bed. Bring your dinner. Perhaps bring a special recipe that you want to share with the group. Lots of people wanted to learn new recipes, especially those from different cultures. Bring a photo, document or link to share.

We’ll split into ‘tables’, eat together and talk about food, culture and more.

We are holding four of these dinners in March and you can come to as many as you like. They are free to attend as always. We look forward to seeing you there!

*Please register via Eventbrite so we know how many people to expect and so we can send you updates. Paste the following Zoom link into your browser address bar to join the event. If you need support or assistance, please email