Conduct a food waste audit

Reducing food waste in any workplace begins with understanding how much, what and where food is wasted. Take a few simple steps to get to grips with food waste in your workplace.

When we mix food waste with other workplace rubbish, it makes it difficult to understand the scale of the problem. By encouraging people to put food waste in a separate container, it’s easier to see how much waste is being generated—you don’t even need a special bin, any empty container will do. This separated food waste can then be recycled.

If you have in-house caterers or a regular caterer for meetings, ask them about their food waste policies. Give them feedback on your order: was there too much food? Was one thing more popular than another? Use your influence as a consumer to make change for the better.

As so little is currently known about food waste in non-food businesses, any information you collect is valuable. Weigh the food waste collected in your workplace each week and record your data. If you can separate your results into avoidable and unavoidable food waste (see resources for definitions), even better!

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