Create a Good Food Plan

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause huge challenges for people’s lives, both personally and professionally. We know that some of the Bristol Bites Back Better actions might not be possible at the moment, depending what’s going on for you and your organisation, and what restrictions are in place. So don’t worry if you can’t do them all straight away, but know instead that every action you do take, now and in the future—no matter how small—is helping to build the greener, fairer and more resilient food system our city deserves.

Many organisations are currently reviewing and adapting their business practices. Could you use this as an opportunity to develop a Good Food Plan and embed the positive changes your organisation has made or would like to make around food, for the long-term?

A Good Food Plan is a document providing clear aims and commitments for your organisation to work towards, outlining how to reach them and describing what progress looks like.

By developing a dedicated policy on healthy and sustainable food, your organisation can:

  • Empower staff to make food choices that support people and planet.
  • Influence wider positive change through the supply chain and by communicating your actions with staff, customers and supporters.
  • Measure and report on progress, including potential savings made.
  • Get senior level support for engaging in good food practices.

Use this step by step guide to help develop and implement your Good Food Plan, which includes links to resources and example policies.

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