Create a take-less culture

At home or in the workplace, taking more food than we can eat is a common cause of food waste, but there are several ways to encourage staff and clients to take just the right amount.

Food waste from meetings and events is common, but easily reduced. Monitor leftover food at your next event, then reduce your order for future events based on what food items were most wasted. Don’t over-cater, provide attendees with small plates to encourage them to take smaller portions, and let them know they can return for seconds.

Ask your workplace canteen to go tray-less and tell them about all the benefits (see resources section). If they’re not ready to make the change, or you don’t have a workplace canteen, you and your colleagues can still try an experiment. The next time you go for lunch, don’t reach for a tray and see how this small action affects the amount of food you buy, and potentially waste.

Food waste may be a huge problem but it’s also a huge opportunity! Making these changes to your workplace food service presents the perfect occasion to talk about the issue. Highlight the changes and start the conversation with colleagues, caterers and clients—the more people on board, the better.

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