Ditch the water cooler

With high quality mains water on tap, using plastic and fossil fuels to transport water to our learning and workplaces makes little sense.

Providing free tap water in jugs, bottles or straight from the tap, together with drinking glasses, means you can get rid of water dispensers and stop selling bottled water in on-site cafés, shops and vending machines. As well as reducing plastic waste, your organisation and its staff can save money, but it’s important to help people understand the reason for the change.

Involving staff and students in the decision making process can help get others on board, and in turn help changes take root. You might start by explaining the problem of plastic pollution and unnecessary transport (see the resources section for more information), and inviting people to consider how the impacts of bottled water fit in with the values of your organisation. Asking people to contribute their own views and listening to what they have to say can spark a debate and lead to stronger, better-informed support for the changes you hope to make.

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