Give space to growing food

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause huge challenges for people’s lives, both personally and professionally. We know that some of the Bristol Bites Back Better actions might not be possible at the moment, depending what’s going on for you and your organisation, and what restrictions are in place. So don’t worry if you can’t do them all straight away, but know instead that every action you do take, now and in the future—no matter how small—is helping to build the greener, fairer and more resilient food system our city deserves.

Growing food has boomed during the pandemic, as people realise that growing your own fruit and vegetables, however little, is great for wellbeing, unbeatable for freshness, and puts you in control of the food you eat.

But local food growing is more than just a wholesome lockdown activity. Scaling up local food production is vital to creating a more resilient food system.

Rethink your workplace

It may not seem like an obvious thing to do in the office, but workplace growing projects can bring both physical and mental health benefits to staff. With many organisations reviewing their workplaces, is there an opportunity to repurpose outdoor or indoor space for growing food? You could even take over a parking space to create a mini edible park.

Make space for staff wellbeing, as well as nature

Even in small amounts, this could provide staff with experience of gardening, and a safe, distanced team building activity. You can also create space for nature by including the sorts of flowers which pollinators love, or make room for on-site composting or a wormery. Read our tips on growing to Build Back Better.

Living wall

Be creative

Take a look at the space around your building. The chances are, you’ll find some under-utilised corners or some underwhelming corporate planting that could be put to much better use if your organisation owns the space, or has permission to make changes to how the space is used.

Support local growing projects

Buying from local producers or supporting growing projects is another way to contribute to the city’s growing efforts.

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