Involve homeworkers with Bristol Bites Back Better

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause huge challenges for people’s lives, both personally and professionally. We know that some of the Bristol Bites Back Better actions might not be possible at the moment, depending what’s going on for you and your organisation, and what restrictions are in place. So don’t worry if you can’t do them all straight away, but know instead that every action you do take, now and in the future—no matter how small—is helping to build the greener, fairer and more resilient food system our city deserves.

The pandemic has led to big changes for many organisations, with lots of staff now working from home for at least part of the time, and this looks likely to continue for some time to come.

While more flexible working offers some benefits, there are also risks to wellbeing, with the potential for being less active and much more disconnected from colleagues and what’s going on in the city.

Encouraging and enabling colleagues to get involved with Bristol Bites Back Better, could be a really great way to combat this.

Our Bristol Bites Back Better actions and resources for individuals are designed to get people all over Bristol thinking about the food they buy, cook, grow and eat, as well as looking to the community around them to connect and find ways to participate in building a more resilient food system in the city.

We have developed this guide to getting involved with Bristol Bites Back Better from home that you can share with your staff and colleagues.

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