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The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause huge challenges for people’s lives, both personally and professionally. We know that some of the Bristol Bites Back Better actions might not be possible at the moment, depending what’s going on for you and your organisation, and what restrictions are in place. So don’t worry if you can’t do them all straight away, but know instead that every action you do take, now and in the future—no matter how small—is helping to build the greener, fairer and more resilient food system our city deserves.

Established community organisations and new initiatives have been working tirelessly during the pandemic, ensuring everyone has access to the food they need. It has been inspiring to see the efforts taking place across the city, providing not just food, but opportunities to learn new skills, make friends, improve health and wellbeing and protect the environment in a range of ways.

Sadly, most groups run on extremely limited resources and tight funding, relying on the voluntary or low-paid time of just a handful of people. Projects are likely to struggle as the impacts of the pandemic become deeper and longer term, and funding becomes scarcer.

There are many ways your organisation can support and increase the impact of community projects or groups, helping them to continue to reach people in Bristol.

Offer your time and skills

Community food projects and organisations are often in need of professional skills but don’t have the finances to pay for them. Offering staff time and professional skills can be a huge help – legal advice, accountancy, carpentry, bid-writing, graphic design, business planning, or social media expertise are just some of the ways you can support an under-resourced group.

Offer materials or space

Similarly, practical materials such as office, building or catering equipment can be really useful, or even the offer of a space adapted to social distancing for a group to hold a meeting.

Offer financial support

Money spent on community initiatives always goes a long way, and your organisation will be associated with something that is making positive change for Bristol.

Get to know the community organisations in your area to find out the best way that you could support them or get in touch at and we can link you up with a community food project.

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