Buying Better

The coronavirus pandemic has led to unforeseen challenges for our city’s food system, in addition to revealing unimagined resourcefulness and kindness from individuals and organisations in rising to the challenge. Although the bid to make Bristol a Gold Sustainable Food City has been paused as the city focuses on responding to the pandemic, the need for a resilient food community has never been greater.

Food businesses are facing an unprecedented crisis, and buying from local, independent food providers will help secure the future of Bristol’s vibrant food community. There is lots of information here about local businesses that are offering deliveries during lockdown.

How you can be part of Bristol’s Good Food Response to the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Bristol Food Network has information about the Good Food response and how you can support
  • Take part in #BristolFoodKind– follow the hashtag to get practical ideas on how to shop, reduce food waste and grow food at home in a way that is considerate to yourself and the wider community. Post your own your ideas and tips using #BristolFoodKind to inspire others.
  • Tell us your stories and follow them on the G4G blog
  • You can still sign up to Going for Gold and continue logging actions – see each of the actions below for inspiration.

Though most of us feel far removed from farmers, animals and even the environment when we are at work, the incredible collective buying power harnessed by organisations, and their influence on both suppliers and consumers, can make a tremendous impact on our wider food system. No matter the size of your organisation nor the sector you work in, the food and drink you buy and provide for staff or clients and the way it’s packaged says a lot about your organisation’s values. Communicating those values is fundamental to embedding the change, and making the choices that are good for people and the planet and good for your business too.

The power you have to make change in your place of work or learning will depend on many things, including your role and the size and structure of the organisation. But no matter what our role, we all have the power to start a conversation or raise a question. In many cases, this is all it takes to start a revolution.

There are many things your organisation can do to make better buying choices—try one or more of the actions below, or even create your own action. Your organisation will earn a badge for every action they take, and can claim a Food Champion badge if an action is completed in each of the six areas. Every action counts, and you can share your contribution and your own ideas on social media: post or tweet using the hashtags #goingforgoldbristol and #G4Gbuyingbetter. Don’t forget to update your actions in your dashboard as you make progress.

Actions you can take as an Organisation

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