Eating Better

Bristol has secured its place as a Gold Sustainable Food City – an incredible achievement that we can all be proud of. But there is still so much more to be done as we recover from the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic, and as we look ahead to 2030 and the future of food in our city. The need for a resilient, active and collaborative food community has never been greater.

You can continue to explore the original Bristol Going for Gold themes, and register and log your actions, knowing that every action you and your colleagues take will continue to transform food in our city.

We also invite you to take a look at the Bristol Bites Back Better actions, and to share how you and your organisation are helping Bristol to #BiteBackBetter from the pandemic on social media.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you, your colleagues and your organisation about the changes you’d like to see for food in Bristol by 2030, helping to shape the future of food in Bristol for the next decade – Join the Conversation here.

How much do the places where we work and learn contribute to our food choices?

Many of us will spend much of our lives at school, college or work, and these institutions can play a major part in influencing the food culture around us, even if we don’t realise it. All too often, the choices made on our behalf are ones that damage our health and the environment.

But organisations can be the very settings to help us make healthier, more environmentally conscious eating the norm. Introducing affordable, healthy food, made in a way that’s fair for the producers and doesn’t harm the environment, can be a positive and empowering transformation in any organisation. It can bring a sense of pride in a healthy working culture.

There’s so much your organisation can do to make eating better part of workplace life. The power you have as an individual to make change in your place of work or learning will depend on many things, including your role, the size and structure of the organisation. But no matter what our role, we all have the power to start a conversation or raise a question. In many cases, this is all it takes to start a revolution.

Choose one or more of the actions below, or even create your own action. Your organisation will earn a badge for every action they take, and can claim a Food Champion badge if an action is completed in each of the six areas. Every action counts, and you can share your contribution and your own ideas on social media: post or tweet using the hashtags #goingforgoldbristol and #G4Geatingbetter. Don’t forget to update your actions in your dashboard as you make progress.

Actions you can take as an Organisation

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