Our food system—globally, nationally and even within our own city—is facing many crises. From health to fossil fuel, climate to economy – it’s clear that we need to take urgent action.

Luckily, Bristol is leading the way on more resilient approaches to food, in 2021 becoming only the second city in the UK to achieve Gold Sustainable Food City status.

Individuals, communities, organisations and food businesses are working together for a more sustainable, fairer and healthier food system that benefits people, communities and planet. You can read some of their stories in our blog.

The city is rightly proud of this fantastic achievement, but the crises our food system faces are closer than ever.

We’re asking you to #BiteBackBetter by taking action for good food in Bristol, and to help shape the future of food in the city by telling us what changes you want to see for food in the city by 2030.

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Did you know that this month is ‘Goatober’? The campaign started in the US and came to the UK in 2016 as a way to prolong the lives of billy goats and encourage chefs to put goat meat on restaurant menus. We hear from Carol Laslett of Street Goat about how the Bristol-based project is helping people feel closer to where their food comes from and more connected to the land.

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